Mini Mill Base Videos

  • All of these files are rather large so I suggest saving them to a spot on your hard drive, especially if you don't have fast access.
  • The loud noise kicking in every now and then is my air compressor.
  • The chirping noise heard occasionally is the bug patrol. (Birds) I let them nest in my shop. Just hang a carpenters tool pouch on the wall. They'll find it.


Backlash Comp 01

5,886k - 1:57

Mach backlash compensation in action. The wood part being cut is just a clamping jig.
This is the Nut Tensioner for the Backlash Assembly
Cutting 8 BL Nut Tensioners
This is a package insert for another product we do.

Leadscrew Mount 01

13,671k - 4:27

Cutting a Leadscrew Mount